Aviva Stadium

AVIVA STADIUM, the new home for our international rugby and football will provide Ireland’s national rugby and football teams, fans and spectators, with a home ground to be proud of. Due to open in 2010, AVIVA STADIUM promises to be an outstanding sporting and entertainment facility in the heart of Dublin.
Everything about AVIVA STADIUM, from its architecture to its environmentally friendly design, has been inspired by the best ideas around the world to create a truly innovative sporting venue – a stadium to be proud of.
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On completion in April 2010 AVIVA STADIUM will have a seated capacity of 50,000. All seating in the stadium is under cover of a roof; however, the roof does not extend over the pitch.
The stadium consists of a continuous curvilinear shaped stand enclosing all four sides of the ground. The South, East and West stands have four tiers of seating for spectators. The bottom and top tiers provide the main volume of spectating facilities.
The second tier provides facilities for premium ticket holders and the third tier provides facilities for corporate boxes. There are 10,000 seats at premium level and a further 1,300 at box level. Many of these were sold in advance to help finance the overall project.
The North stand comprises one low level seating tier, to reflect its proximity to the residential properties at that end of the ground.
There is continuous access around the three sides to all facilities at premium and box levels.
There are excellent hospitality facilities throughout the ground. These facilities are essential in any modern sports stadium to generate additional revenues and help fund the overall investment.
The redeveloped stadium is designed to provide superb facilities not alone for spectators but also for players, the media and the many support personnel needed to stage all events.
The unique design of the new stands and roof creates additional weather protected seating capacity within the constraints of the existing site. The design has been optimised to ensure all spectators have an excellent view of the pitch while retaining the unique Lansdowne Road atmosphere.
Space for the redevelopment was created by a realignment of the pitch and by the creation of a new access podium over the railway line. This podium, above the railway line, will allow spectators access the stadium at premium seat level.
The former two rear pitches which ran East-West were also realigned and combined into one pitch running North-South.



Parkway Guesthouse
5 Gardiner Place
Dublin 1
D01 ND92


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